Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Garden vegetables’ Thanksgiving plans

Not that my veggies are aware of their fates for tomorrow, but here are the fates I’ve planned for some of them.

sorrel, holes and all, which I'll mince and add to the mashed new potatoes

In addition, we’re going to grill grass-fed bison steaks from Thunderheart. Also, the new potatoes are from Boggy Creek Farm, and the chevre that I’ll mash into the potatoes is from Bryan’s Wateroak Farms—great stuff!

I'll probably throw a little minced kale into the potatoes, too.

Romaine for Caesar salads

Will roast a few baby beets

and will roast a few baby carrots, too

I'm baking my annual pie right now--pumpkin--but I didn't grow any of its ingredients. Will start out drinking some New Mexico Rose bubbly from Gruet Winery then move to Brouilly with the main food--didn't grow any of their ingredients either.


TexasDeb said...

What a lovely garden you have going. Thanks for reminding all of us to pay attention to where our food is coming from. Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Iris said...

Thanks--I'm trying to keep up with it despite other distractions. Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is great, too!

Flapjacks said...

mashed potatoes and kale = colcannon. way to go. yum

Iris said...

I didn't know it had a name! Thanks, Flapjacks. It was yum.