Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yogurt Shop Murders: today's joint hearing, part 2

Prosecutors agreed to some DNA discovery requests in motions recently filed by Michael Scott’s defense team: if new DNA is discovered and exists in a form able to be uploaded to CODIS (combined DNA index system), prosecutors will do so. So far, none of the newly discovered (Y-STR) DNA exists in the CODIS-compatible form. I'll try to post some of the recently filed defense motions discussed today in a little while.

Before the hearing, members of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty stood outside the justice center holding banners and passing out fliers. Many of them attended the hearing, too. Here's one of their fliers:


Anonymous said...

Iris, I'm curious about your interest in the yogurt shop case. Do you have a personal connection to it? Robin

Iris said...


No, I do not have any personal connection to this trial or any others I've observed, but the Yogurt Shop case is one of the most notorious and high-profile murder cases in recent Austin history.

Anonymous said...

YOGURT SHOP MURDERS linked to money laundering was investigated by Austin FBI in 2005.

Lots of Brady material there.

Defense counsel for the patsies...did not subpoenae the FBI files?

DEFENSE COUNSEL does not know FBI reopened the case after APD COMMANDER SHAUNA JACOBSON wanted to interview ERIC MOEBIUS.

She had doubts...and shortly...ended up dead.

APD patrol nut MIKE OLESEN suspected of running JACOBSON'S off the road when they were on their motorcycle.