Saturday, June 6, 2009

First ever homegrown cucumbers

I’m so excited to show off my first homegrown cucumbers, and I started them from seed! They’re “Japanese Soyu Burpless”, an organic heirloom variety. The seed packet indicates they grow to 18 inches or longer, but this first one seemed ready to harvest at almost 15 inches.

Second cucumber, not quite ready to harvest

Although they look a little prickly and skinny, they taste great—juicy, a little sweet-salty, and earthy. We ate the first few bites plain and chopped up the rest with a few splashes of white wine vinegar and sea salt.

And the squirrels, which ARE staying away from my tomatoes since we protected them with bird netting, aren’t even touching the unprotected cucumbers. Yippee!


Pam/Digging said...

Hey, Iris, it was so great to meet you and your husband today and get a tour of your lovely garden. Those cukes look tasty!

Iris said...

We enjoyed meeting you, too, Pam! It was fun! And thank you--the garden looks slightly better today because we weeded and watered after you left.

TexasDeb said...

Score one for the gardeners this year. Your cukes look cooly delicious. One of my favorite summertime treats is cucumber sandwiches. I have loved them since I can remember. Can't tell you why I haven't tried growing any of my own. I think you have inspired me to put that on next year's Must Try list. Thanks!

PS - I just love that you weeded your garden after visitors left. I can't tell you how many times I have dusted/straightened the house up AFTER unexpected visitors departed.

Iris said...

I love cucumber sandwiches, too! We also ate a few cuke slices with some leftover Texas French Bread baguette and goat cheese--yum!

And thank you for appreciating our skewed (& largely unconscious) weeding "logic", too.