Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden bloggers’ bloom day

Gulf fritillary on trailing lantana

I feel fortunate to have anything blooming right now, having already endured so many days with temperatures over 95 and so little rain. But that seems to be how it’s going to be around here forever, so I’m going to stop complaining for now and rely more heavily on some potted blooms for kicks. Make sure to see others’ blooms (more exciting than mine) at Carol’s blog, May Dreams Gardens.

plumbago, part of the inspiration for our new house paint

compact crystal palace lobelia I grew from seed


balloon flower (Platycodon "Sentimental Blue")

purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) among the cucumbers and tomatoes

wishbone flower (Torenia Clown Blue)

This Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus), while not a bloom, has such a pretty combination of colors and lines that I had to include it.

My usuals--indigo spires salvia, victoria salvia, salvia leucantha, society garlic, ruellia, turk's cap, mexican heather, rosemary, provence lavender, and purple and pink skullcap--are also blooming (barely.)


Anonymous said...

Iris, you have that gorgeous balloon flower, just like Annie/Transplantable Rose. I also have the persian shield, and and definitely belongs in the bloom category with that amazing color. Are you loving your purple home?

Iris said...

Hi Robin,
Yes, I'm ESPECIALLY loving our purple house now in this heat!

I bought the "Sentimental Blue" balloon flowers at Shoal Creek Nursery in late March and have them in three pots for now in dappled sun/part shade.

Neleh said...

Just thought you might be excited to hear that my new plumbago finally started blooming -in the front AND the back...the same day. Isn't that strange?

Iris said...

Yippee--your plumbago's blooming! The two of them must have gotten together and decided you'd be more pleased if they bloomed simultaneously.

My smaller, newer backyard plumbago just started blooming Saturday.

Pam/Digging said...

Like you, I feel happy to have anything blooming in weather like this. But the toughest plants still come through for us, don't they?

Iris said...


The super toughest are coming through, yes. But the medium-toughest are still needing more water than I wish. Oh well--I might as well get used to it!

NellJean said...

When Persian Shield does bloom, which is rare unless you keep it over the winter and it comes up blooming, the blossom is also a pretty blue color. The bloom itself is unremarkable.

Enjoyed all your 'blues.'

TexasDeb said...

Just lovely, Iris and wow what a great shot of the Fritillary! You must be especially tickled with that one.

I am sitting here slapping my forehead (metaphorically) realizing that in my attempt to get a June Picture This entry readied I missed yet another Bloom Day. (shakes fist) Next month!!

healingmagichands said...

It must be fritillary time, I just caught a great spangled fritillary using my butterfly bush a couple of days ago. Great picture, by the way. I always love butterfly pictures, especially now that I have been trying to take them. Butterflies can move surprisingly fast and far, and usually right when you are ready to click the shutter on them!

Annie in Austin said...

Balloon flowers are one of my favorites too, Iris - and they sure fit in well with the lovely colors you've been using to surround your pretty house. The fritillary picture is wonderful!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose