Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun with pots

Painting some plain terra cotta pots and filling them with succulents and natives is my attempt at dealing with the heat—today’s our tenth day of triple-digit heat.


cat said...

great idea!! i will have to borrow that from you..haha i love terra cotta pots and they are so inexpensive that it's a great project for me and the kids...good thinking! i may be pot, paint and plant shopping tomorrow..;) thanks!

TexasDeb said...

How whimsical and so much better than gazing sadly out the window at dead and drying plants. I am inspired to at least get some pots painted now. Thanks for sharing!

Iris said...

Hi cat and TexasDeb!

You are most welcome! Happy to share. I must admit I rushed them a bit--there a few bubbles in the paint because I watered the new plantings in them before the paint was entirely dry.

Oh well, I'll be more patient next time.

Neleh said...

Your purple shamrocks look SO GOOD! Mine are slowing growing back after the unfortunate deer eating incident, just about 4 of them now. Are you feeding them something special?

Iris said...

Hi Neleh,

Thanks--I feed the purple shamrocks a little bit of John's Recipe from the Natural Gardener, which is what I feed everything. I only do it every few weeks, though. But I water it every other day or more.