Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judge orders Yogurt Shop defendants free on personal recognizance bond, part 1

In about an hour, Yogurt Shop Murders defendant Michael Scott will walk out of jail with his attorney and wife, having been ordered free on a personal recognizance (PR) bond earlier this morning by state District Judge Mike Lynch. Defendant Robert Springsteen will also be released on a PR bond today.

Yesterday, Judge Lynch issued an order saying that if prosecutors asked for and were granted a continuance--jury selection for Scott's retrial had been set for July 6th--he would set both defendants free on a PR bond. Later yesterday, Lynch ordered this morning's hearing to allow the state and the defense an opportunity to discuss any last-minute problems or issues before jury selection.

But the hearing didn't end up being about last-minute trial issues, because prosecutors filed a motion for a continuance, saying they needed more time for continued DNA testing to try to identify the unknown male DNA found in at least two of the four murder victims. This unknown male DNA was discovered in March 2008 through Y-STR testing, a technology not available in 2001.

Lynch granted the state's request for a continuance (over the defense's objection) and, true to his word, ordered Scott and Springsteen free on a PR bond.

More details from this morning's hearing in a little while. Gotta read my notes.

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