Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 5 of big carpentry and paint

Our carpenter (Jerry Kirk) has worked around our painter (Doug Gorton Professional Painting) on other projects, so both crews are here working simultaneously. I’m getting used to the sound of scraping, sanding, nailing, and sawing. It’s very exciting, though!

So far, the rotted sill beams in four areas have been replaced, as well as the rotted porch fascia. Today's carpentry focused on the new back door and its framing, which won't be installed until Thursday. The painters hand washed--not pressure washed--the whole house, and they're now thoroughly scraping and sanding it to the original wood in most places. Who knows how many layers have been painted on this 1941 house?

Day 5, east side

End of Day 1, east side

Day 5, west side

Day 5, front

Day 5, close up front view with new sill beam and original joists

Original 1941 back steps, covered up during 1950s addition

Day 5, back

We’ve finally settled on the final paint colors (fingers crossed), too. The plan is for the body to be lavender blue, the trim ivory, the front and back doors and iron awning frames chocolate, and the front and back screen doors chartreuse. The windows might end up chartreuse, too. We haven’t picked the new awning fabric yet. So far, the thoroughness and attention to detail shown by Jerry and Doug and their crews has been very impressive!

West side sun, 3:15 p.m. (I painted the lavender paint on pieces of card stock so I wouldn't mess up any newly sanded wood.)

East side shade, 3:15 p.m.


TexasDeb said...

Looking nice so far. What a great idea to document the progress as they work. The noise is well worth the great results you are getting!

Iris said...

Thanks! I hardly mind the noise because I'm so excited to see what happens each day. I took some "before" pictures to post when it's all finished, which may be another four weeks.

Lancashire rose said...

It is just amazing how they can do repairs like that. I wonder if the damage came as a surprise. Looking forward to seeing the finished house.

Iris said...

Nope, no surprises. We've known about the rotted sill beam spots for a long time and the damage was not extensive.

Annie in Austin said...

How exciting, Iris! Your house renovation is really happening - no longer a dream but a reality.

I love the colors! Thanks for showing us the process.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Thanks, Annie. Boy is it a reality right now: they're unsticking and super-sanding/scraping the double-hung windows, which requires covering stuff inside with plastic because they have to open and close the windows to thoroughly prepare them.

There's dust everywhere inside and out right now. Still, it's exciting!

Isn't is weird how different the colors look in bright sunlight versus shade?