Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

We finally got some real rain and may get more today—yippee! I’ve been so focused on my vegetable garden that I haven’t planted anything new in the front, so my October blooms are my usuals. You can see other garden bloggers' blooms at May Dreams Gardens.

Mexican bush sage

I thought this was a kidneywood, but now I'm not sure because mine has purple rather than white flowers.

Pink skullcap

Purple skullcap

Dwarf pomegranate

Blue plumbago

Indigo spires salvia

Also blooming sporadically are purple and white ruellia, society garlic, rosemary, Turk's cap, verbena, lantana, and leadwort plumbago.


Rock rose said...

You are the first gardener to mention the purple skullcap. I also have it and it reseeds each year. To me it is better than the pink but it may be a little more difficult to sell commercially because I think it is more fragile. Did you get yours at the WFC? Will you be eating your pomegranates?

Iris said...

I, too, prefer it to the pink skullcap. Its foliage and blooms seem a little lusher than the pink. I got mine about a year ago at Shoal Creek Nursery and have been looking for more ever since.

I don't plan to eat the pomegranates since they're only thimble-sized and I like looking at them.

What's the "BT" you mentioned I could spray on my lettuce caterpillars? Thanks!

Rock rose said...

Bacillus thuriengensus. Harmless to all but the caterpillars. I notice my mesclun is full of shot holes this morning. Who are we gardening for here? I have found that the purple skullcap,Scutellaria wrightii seeds itself quite well.

Anonymous said...

Iris, how perfect that your kidneywood bloomed purple! How's the house repairs/painting coming along?

Iris said...

Pretty funny about my strange purple kidneywood alright!

Our carpenter is supposed to start our 3-4 week project this Tuesday! Now we've got to figure out the painters and canvas awning replacement guys, etc.

Annie in Austin said...

Wow- wonder if your kidneywood is just extra special purple or something else altogether? How funny that it will match your new paint!

I have a few plants of the blue-purple skullcap, too - showed up unexpectedly at a bigbox store and I grabbed them, but they're barely surviving while the pink ones are enormous. Our soils and aspects are so different.

Happy GBBD, Iris!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Iris!

I was at Lee/the Grackle's house today and he has the same tree you thought was kidneywood with the same purple flowers.

A bunch of people were looking at it and they think it's in Dalea instead of being a kidneywood. I know nothing about daleas, but hope one of them will come up with the right name!


Iris said...

Hi Annie!

Thanks. This is a real mystery. I tried to find images online of a dalea that looks like mine, and they don't seem quite right. I think I'll take some more photos and post about it!

Carol Michel said...

Hi, Iris, I'm very behind on getting around to all the bloom day posts. Funny thing, I read so many garden blogs written by Austin garden bloggers that I actually am becoming familiar with all the flowers you all grow. I like the purple skullcap.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens