Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend vegetable garden additions

The only actual vegetables involved were subtractions, not additions, as I thinned the arugula and sorrel seedlings. We ate them and were surprised how spicy and tart they were.

I planted a fall aster in one veggie bed, potted some pansies by the other bed, and sowed more cilantro seeds in a pot.

Fall aster


Husband Kurt rummaged through some attic stuff and discovered the dog fence-windows he’d made and misplaced awhile ago and installed them. Our Husky-dog can now peek out in many directions. Happy dog.

Dog fence-window, exterior view


Lancashire rose said...

I love the dog fence windows. Great idea and I'm sure your dog appreciates them. I'll pass that idea on to my sons.

Iris said...

Thanks, Jenny.

Tell your sons that the key is to keep them just big enough for the dog's head size and no bigger.

The viewing area of ours is about 6"x12" and at the height from grade of the dog's natural stance. If they're too big, people outside can see too much of the yard.

Also, from our experience and what I've read, dogs are much less likely to engage in destructive fenced-in behavior (like digging) if they can just see out!

TexasDeb said...

Dog windows are a kind addition to your thoughtful yard/garden. And I appreciate the update about your cat as well.

Just as we were certified as a Wildlife Habitat we have been adopted by a kitten and for the moment she is a self-determined "outside" cat. I am optimistic we can keep her fed and happy with only chasing/watching our other regular backyard visitors.

Between squirrels in the back and deer in the front I sometimes wonder who is doing the majority of the digging/transplanting around here- me or them?