Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laura Hall Sentencing Pronounced and (Part 4) More from Today

I doubt y'all particularly care about any of my personal stuff, but I must again give props to my husband Kurt for taking my quick message over the phone & posting it for me--(no reliable free wi-fi at the courthouse for me to post & I was bugging him at work.) And I only received one--they sometimes issue two or three--meter violation parking ticket today. I hope my co-workers (and Kurt) still recognize me tomorrow when I return to my regular life--ha ha.

Okay, so after I watched Sawyer's presser, I followed the other reporters downstairs to a conference room near the DAs' offices for the Cave family's press conference. Jim Sedwick, Sharon Cave's fiance, started off by thanking all the following:
--the jury for all the hard work--around 20 hours total by his watch
--Judge Flowers for the dignity w/which he conducted the proceedings (as well as his entire staff)
-- prosecutors Bill Bishop & Stephanie McFarland for putting in their "Herculean effort"
--all the victims' services people (I'm sorry, I didn't catch their names), as well as all the APD & EMS people
--the press, for recognizing & respecting the family's request for need for some space

Q&A, reporters & Cave family:
Sharon Cave said she hadn't made a victim's impact statement at CP's trial & has regretted it, that she wanted to point out the differences between Laura Hall and Jennifer Cave, that Jennifer had a beautiful heart & soul and that "we all know that Laura Hall does not." Sharon Cave answered a question about closure by saying that there's never really closure when your child has been killed in a violent crime, but "yes, it's done for now."

A reporter asked Sharon Cave how she felt about LH maintaining her innocence, & Cave replied, "She's a liar. She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face."

Sharon Cave mentioned that, "I have allot I want to do in honor of Jennifer," but some of those details will be revealed later.

Sharon Cave & her fiance Jim Sedwick said they had wished for the maximum prison sentence for Hall, but were glad Hall got prison time. Sharon Cave continued, "I think Laura Hall is a very ill person...I think she's a sociopath & that she suffers from narcissistic disorder & is crazy as a loon & cannot be rehabilitated."

Sharon Cave said about Laura Hall, "when you look her in the eyes, there's nothing there..."

When a reporter asked DA Bill Bishop why he didn't call CP as a witness, Bishop said that he doesn't believe CP's story in the first place and that the prosecution didn't seek to admit Hall's police statements into evidence because they found them to be self-serving.

Sharon Cave made a point of saying how much she understood and empathized with the jurors' having to take on such a heavy burden throughout both trials and that she hoped they'd gone home, had a great dinner & were getting a good night's sleep tonight.


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