Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weeping Wooden Floor Syndrome

My mother used to tell me I had "such a vivid imagination!" I perceived the tone of her comment as a mixture of slight ridicule, amusement, & curiosity. Now, years later, I must say, she had a point!

Last week--yes, this is another cat-related story, but stay w/me for a minute (plus we've got a dog, too, so don't be put off if you're not a cat-lover.) I went in the kitchen to make coffee and almost stepped in a cat hairball. I cleaned it up and noticed another small wet spot on the wood floor & cleaned it up, too, assuming it was related to the cat hairball stuff.

A few minutes later, I noticed that same small spot was wet again--just looked like water. I cleaned it up again. I did this three times and finally starting wondering what was going on, especially because the cat wasn't even in the house then.

So, of course, the FIRST thing that popped in my head was, "hmmm...weird, the FLOOR seems to be weeping, I wonder why? How could something from the crawlspace be coming up into the interior floor, repeatedly, in such a small spot?" Before you think I'm completely nutty, I know that a previous owner of our house died in our house, so naturally it follows that the floor might weep, from sadness. Okay, now that does sound completely nutty.

So, I leaned over to wipe up the weeping floor again & felt a drop of liquid hit my head. I finally looked up to see a small leak in the ceiling. Turned out to be the A/C in the attic was leaking & was not that big a deal to fix. Don't know why I didn't think the CEILING could be weeping from sadness!


KMTBERRY said...


Iris, that is a G*R*E*A*T story!! It is so funny how the first explanation for a weird occurance. that comes to mind can be so WRONG

THis isn't nearly as funny, and is only SLIGHTLY similar: Governor left me a singing teapot, that I have never used, because it is a second teapot (I already have one). But I broke it out to use it the other day, thinking it might be lonely and bored.

When the water did boil and it began to sing, the first thing I thought was:


Since I have never heard an air raid siren in my life, I thought that was kinda hilarious.

Hey I got a new icebox today! It feels like Christmas.

Iris said...


Thank you! I think your teapot air raid story is hilarious, too. Congratulations on your early Christmas.

My other sort of analogous story is this: walking through my side yard to my car to go to work, I smell trash & poop but the garbage truck just stopped by, so that's normal.

I get in the car & start driving away, expecting to NOT smell poop anymore, and yet the poop smell gets stronger. I frantically roll down my window to find the source of the smell--is there another garbage truck behind me? Nope.

So NATURALLY, my next thought is, "oh my god, thinking you smell poop when there isn't any is often a symptom of schizophrenia: could schizophrenia just come on so suddenly??" And I'm momentarily freaking out.

Then I notice the blob of dog poop on the side of my shoe.

Vicki said...

You write very well.