Saturday, September 22, 2007

Was She Murdered? Part 4

Talk to the neighbors?
I guess I'm going to have to break down and do the open-records-act request thing, which I've never done before but was told I should try and that I should be able to get the medical examiner's report, as well as the police report.

But I'm also resolving to now talk to my two neighbors who knew (in a casual, neighbor kind of way) Marie when she lived here. Two years ago I was at a block party, which happened to be around Christmas, and I asked the neighbors a few questions about Marie but then decided it wasn't really an appropriate setting to push my luck.

I did learn that, according to one neighbor, Marie was quite friendly and outgoing--she even invited the neighbors in to show off her kitchen renovation--and regularly walked the block every morning, drinking her cup of coffee. The neighbor told me that the morning of the day Marie died, the neighbor noticed Marie taking her usual walk but also noticed that Marie appeared very upset and agitated, very out-of-character.

The neighbor also told me that Marie's parents could "never accept" what happened, that they continued to come down to Austin from Dallas regularly
in their travel-trailer after Marie's death


Anonymous said...

did you ever learn any more about Marie?

Iris said...

Nope, but a journalist friend of mine told me to file an open records request. I've never done that before, but maybe it's time I learned.