Thursday, September 20, 2007

Was She Murdered? Part 3

Marie's friends had a different theory than the police's.
At this point in my long phone call with Sherry, she told me to go look at the lock
on my northwest corner window, as well as the inner wood frame above it. It was clear, from the outline in the old paint, that the lock had been moved over a few inches, and straight up from the lock's previous location, the inner wood frame had some minor damage as if the window had been shoved up forcefully.

This window, physically, is pretty much a straight shot from the bathroom. I checked all the other windows in the entire house, and they all appeared to have their locks in their original positions. There was some similar, yet much more minor, damage on the inner wood frames of a few other windows.

Sherry and some of Marie's other friends and acquaintances believed that Marie's attorney/former-legislator/employer hired someone to threaten or kill Marie to get the embezzled money back and/or make sure she didn't go public with the affair.

Further, they believed that when Marie didn't answer the door, the hired gunman broke in through that northwest corner window, chased her into the bathroom and shot at her twice. Sherry said she thought the attorney/former-legislator/employer paid off the police or strongly suggested they rule it a suicide and keep it quiet.

But why two shots?
Sherry told me that no suicide note was found. She said the police claimed that the first shot into the bathtub/shower was Marie's "practice shot" before her self-inflicted fatal shot.

By the way, I had vaguely noticed the two chips in the shower tiles when we moved in but did not examine them closely, assuming that since this was an old house, the chips were a related to a plumbing repair or something like that. However, after the PI took his photos of the chips, I did take a closer look at them, and they definitely appear to be bullet ricochet marks that someone has tried to paint over a bit. Of course, a little white paint doesn't hide their depth and shape.

Sherry and her friends found it impossible to believe that Marie, who had just bought her first house and was excited about renovating it, who had just bought two puppies, and who had a dinner date planned that night, would kill herself.

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