Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Phil Spector Jury

has, by end of the day today, been deliberating for a little over 9 hours total over 2 days, according to the CourtTV website. The trial itself lasted around 5 MONTHS! (I think it would have taken 3 weeks, max, if it had been tried in Travis County.)

That LA court's "regular" hours in this trial were 9:30-4, w/a 1.5-hour lunch, Mon-Thur only. Wow. I can't imagine serving on a jury that many months, especially when not working full days & not working 5 days a week.

The CourtTV blogger, Harriet Ryan, (who also attended Pitonyak's trial) says that the Spector jury left 15 minutes ahead of their designated ending time today & that the designated juror (aka "foreman") was smiling as they left.


Chel said...

Hey Iris!

I enjoyed chatting with you a couple of Saturdays ago about the Laura Hall trial. If you haven't completely disengaged from murder trials, has the Spector verdict been announced yet?

I hope all is well!

Iris said...


Spector jury is still out! They've been deliberating 22 hours & 5 minutes over 5 days, according to CourtTV's blogger, Harriet Ryan. Pretty sure they resume tomorrow. Check Court TV for updates.