Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Mystery Flower

What a fantastic day to be outside! (I must remember this on those many other days of the year husband-Kurt and I mutter about why we still live in what we lovingly refer to as "this god-forsaken state".)
I just finished pruning the Indigo Spires and Mexican Sage bushes in the front yard, but I couldn't bring myself to trim all the slightly spent blooms because the butterflies and bees like them so much. I had some "help" from our kitty, who makes a point of carefully tiptoeing along the neat stone path, then gleefully rolls around in a dirt pile.

What I can't take any credit for is this pretty red mystery flower that always remembers to pop up in late October,
no matter what kind of weather we've had, then disappears after only a few days. Until the next October.

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Rachel said...

And this one is an oxblood lily. They're one of my favorites.

Rachel @ in bloom