Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's Next Here, Iris?

Husband-Kurt and I celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!

Blog-wise, I'll continue writing about our garden-yard and old house trials and errors (and probably the occasional grammar rant.)

The next local criminal trials I'll attend (parts of, at least) will be the retrials of Michael Scott--I attended most of his first trial--and Robert Springsteen, of so-called "Yogurt Shop Murders" notoriety. Their next pretrial hearing is November 14th and may be fairly dry, but I'll probably attend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy a nice, round, orange-colored cake! In honor of your special day, I am going to dress my kids in costumes and walk door-to-door begging for candy from the neighbors. After they go to bed I will eat at least 2/3 of the good candy from each of their bags (leaving the Mary Janes and suckers). They are not clever enough to notice yet. Cheers!
Neleh & Juan

Iris said...

Neleh & Juan--

Thank you! We rarely get many trick-or-treat kids around here, so I'm happy to know that I can pretend your kids are here! Don't eat too many Skittles.
--Iris & Kurt