Monday, October 1, 2007

Remuddling versus Remodeling

Good remodel above.
Bad remuddle below.

If you're looking for an older house--say, pre-1950-- because you like the style, quality, and materials used, WHY would you then destroy those very things? I bet the house just CRINGES or maybe even screams with every swing of a pick axe onto its original kitchen-counter tiles. And then to throw down a slab of granite instead: the indignity. I have nothing against granite--it's often gorgeous--but it has its time and place. (Perhaps I personify old houses too much...)

Updating/remodeling in keeping with the period of the house may take a little more research to find materials, but it's so much better than remuddling. I found a few examples (above) of remodels and remuddles today from the online MLS, all of which are from houses built before 1950 in Austin.

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