Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to Get Out of Pulling Weeds...sort of

When husband-Kurt merrily suggested that I pull a few weeds then go inside (instead) and go through a banker's-box full of crap I'd accumulated/hoarded over 3 years (from OVER 5 years ago) I thought, "whoo-hoo! I can stay inside the house in the A/C with football on television while I go through this stuff--how hard could it be?"

That's before I realized I'd printed out (and SAVED) practically every email I'd ever sent or received every DAY for at least 2 years straight! Good grief: what was I THINKING? So anyway, I spent over 5 hours today going through all of it, while Kurt worked in the yard. I didn't quite get through all of it, but I've definitely finished for today.

When Kurt finished outside, he came inside and told me all he'd accomplished and how he'd had fun doing it. And yes, he raked a bunch of leaves (I haven't yet caught onto the zen of raking) and pulled a bunch of weeds, and the yard looks great!

Meanwhile, I plowed through our past, deciding which parts of me I wanted to memorialize and which parts I'd just as soon shred.

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