Monday, October 8, 2007

Part 3: Today's Pretrial Hearing for Springsteen and Scott

Joe James Sawyer's Haiku Post-Hearing Press Conference:

Joe James Sawyer told reporters he thought that today was the first time Springsteen and Sawyer had seen each other in person in 7 years and that they seemed happy to see each other. Sawyer further reported that he and Springsteen were very pleased that Judge Lynch had not imposed a gag order today.

Sawyer also said that, although he didn't think the press had had a chance to really know Springsteen, people should know that Springsteen is very "articulate and funny." Sawyer then relayed the story that, during the first trial, he and his co-counsel wrote and exchanged haikus during testimony of (and about which) witnesses they thought "were boring."

Sawyer passed across these haiku notes through Springsteen and at some point, Springsteen asked Sawyer, "Are these haikus? Can I play?"

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