Monday, October 29, 2007

No Appellate Bond to be Posted for Laura Hall

KVUE is reporting that Laura Hall's family will not be posting her appellate bond and that Hall will be transferred to state prison within a week.


Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness. I don't think this is rocket science. The fact is, that her parents' recognize that she is indeed a flight risk. They were going to have to come up with at least 15,500 (probably more) and collateralize the whole 155,000. That would mean that they would have to pledge stocks and bonds or mortgage property. I think they realized there was a very real risk of losing their home.

Hopefully now all of the trash will crawl back under their rocks. (Doug Conley)

Anonymous said...

Iris... Thank you so much for all of your reporting on this.

Good luck in your yard work!

Sharon Cave

Iris said...


You're quite welcome! I've tried to be objective, while still providing some human perspective.

The next big gardening adventure will be learning how to grow vegetables: we'll need some luck--thanks!