Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laura Hall Hearing this Friday Afternoon

I plan to attend the hearing on the Motion for New Trial. I've never been to one of these hearings, and I don't recall seeing one on Court TV. I'm guessing we'll hear oral arguments and at some point a ruling from Judge Flowers. I'll post my observations. If anyone has something to which he/she wants me to pay particular attention, send me a comment!

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egregious said...

The request for a hearing on a Motion for New Trial is routine; however, I believe that the granting of such a hearing is rare. When the hearing is not granted, it is denied as a matter of law in 75 days following sentencing. I believe that the fact that there is going to be such a hearing says a great deal about this case. I believe that we can expect to see a new trial granted if not in entirety then at least for the penalty phase.