Saturday, August 23, 2008

Butterflies’ color preferences

I just finished chasing these butterflies around the front yard to illustrate what I’ve been told: purple-blue flowers are the most attractive to butterflies. Could it be because violet and yellow are complementary colors?





Anonymous said...

Iris, great pics! I love those colors - my entire front yard is done in purple and yellow. The sweet butterfly obviously has great taste! I have the society garlic going, and now my flowery Senna just started to bloom, as the bicolor iris finished. And my agapanthus add some more purple. Right now all my plumbago are in the back yard, but now I think I need to add more purple out front, after seeing these photos. Thanks for the post!

Iris said...

Sure! Thanks for the pics praise: I really did chase a bunch of butterflies around to get those shots because I was using a macro lens but no zoom.

So, I had to get truly physically close to the butterflies without scaring them off, which was a bit of a challenge. (The neighbors probably thought I had truly lost it, the way I was hopping around.)

Annie in Austin said...

Wow - these are gorgeous, Iris! How the heck did you sneak up on them so wonderfully?

I don't think I have the same patience, eyesight or the dexterity you do, but at least I have the same camera.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Thanks! It did take a little while waiting in the yard, quietly moving around, to capture these. Gotta 'fess up though: I used my fancier DSLR to get those pics.

But now I want to try the point & shoot and see if I can get comparable shots. I'll probably wait until tomorrow morning, when the butterflies seem more active.