Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden bloggers: a growing community

I’ve succeeded (so far) in staying one step ahead of the squirrels by picking my tomatoes a little green, grateful those plants are still plugging away in this heat and drought. Another group to whom I feel much gratitude, especially in this heat and drought, is Austin area garden bloggers, along with bloggers from other areas.

I've been regularly checking the following garden blogs: Cool as a Cucumber; Digging; East Side Patch; Garden Girl; Garden Rant; May Dreams Gardens; Rock rose; The Sun is Killing Me; The Transplantable Rose; Vert; and Zanthan Gardens. You can find even more garden bloggers on blotanical. I’ve learned so much from these people!

Last night, fellow Austin blogger Pam posted on her Digging blog that “Austin, Texas, has the highest percentage of residents who read or write blogs. In Austin, 15% of adults had read or contributed to a blog in the past 30 days.” Check out the whole story here.

Coincidentally, I just recently received some UK bloggers’ recognition from The Garden Monkey, (for having such a disparate combination of blogging topics), which then led to more attention from Emma T., whose Emsworth Village Show I’ve now submitted my six-tomato virtual entry (upon her invitation.) I’m quite flattered.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your kudos from across the pond!


emma townshend said...

And we'd love to have anyone else! please do come over and post.

Annie in Austin said...

You deserve the honor for a wide-ranging blog, Iris - and no matter what you write about you bring your own vision to the subject, from native plants to justice to purple paint.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

What a great compliment! Thank you once again, Annie.