Saturday, August 16, 2008

Purple paint progress

I’ve been sweating like crazy the past few days, painting various sample colors in my quest for a new exterior house paint color. Paint chips definitely don’t translate well. I started with these:

Now we’ve narrowed it down to these two shades of the same basic color and are heavily favoring the deeper shade (lower half.) The following two photos were taken less than an hour ago during—gasp—cloud cover. But in full sun, the (top) lighter shade is just too blinding. Among other repairs, the tattered awnings will be replaced, probably with metal ones. I didn’t scrape off any of the old paint for this experiment because it will ultimately all be powerwashed.

Also, the new paint will be a totally flat, matte finish, unlike these satin-finish samples. And there will be door/screen-door accents in the worlds of deep burgundy and mustard. Hmmm...dinner ideas.


Susannah said...

Ooooh, purple! I love it. There are some really cute purple houses in our neighborhood that I have admired.

Anonymous said...

Iris, you did a great job! I love the look of the Plumbago in front of that darker shade. And you're right, when you use the flat exterior paint, it will tone it down a bit more. I really love the monochromatic look with your plants; once it's done I'll have to drive by and stare so I can cool off inside.Robin

Muddy Mary said...

The darker periwinkle goes so well with the plumbago and ruellia. I love it when the architecture and the garden agree with each other. Very nice!

Iris said...

Thanks! I’m pretty sure we’ll be the only purple house in our immediate neighborhood so far. (Then again, we are the only ones with a totally lawn-less, xeriscaped front yard garden, which has taken forever to look decent and began with years of plastic smothering grass and other “unsightly” things…)

Thanks for all your tips. I’m slightly apprehensive but still excited about the big change!

Muddy Mary,
I’m happy you appreciate the architecture/garden relationship, especially because I really came up with the paint color idea based on the garden. With so many drought-tolerant plants out front, the plumbago and ruellia are the long-blooming stars, plus their cooler colors keep me sane in the hottest months. So I figured that since I rely so much on green shades in the garden and some purple, a muted purple background might just complement all of it. (We’ll see.)

Neleh said...

Love it, sooooo jealous! The inside of my house has a lot of purple along with my unfortunate, regrettable, bermuda sand mistake. I'm such an idiot for not knowing the sand in bermuda is PINK!!!
I too like the bottom shades that you picked. When will it be done? I bet you can't wait - what a time for the (alleged) rain to come!

Iris said...

Hey Neleh,
Alleged rain is right! It won't happen as quickly as I would wish because we have a fair amount of wood replacement/carpentry work, part of which is structural, that must be completed first.

And we're still struggling deciding on the right people to do the carpentry work--aargh.

But thank you for your vote of confidence! I fear the neighbors might be a little shocked, but I guess they'll get over it.

Annie in Austin said...

I love the look and agree that the flat paint will make the difference, Iris. Most houses in our neighborhood have brick or stone in brown, tan and rusts so the colors on the wooded parts are usually tans and beige tones with the occasional white or brown. None are very romantic looking like your house will be!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lancashire rose said...

It is going to look wonderful. I love the colors with the plumbago too. It is so satisfying to change paint colors as it transforms overnight. The new shades will look wonderful. Look forward to seeing the finished job.

Pam/Digging said...

I love purple! I have purple doors and some trimwork and a purple shed, so of course I love the idea of an entirely purple house. Can't wait to see the finished look.

My feed for your blog hasn't been working, I've just discovered, so I've got some catching up to do.