Saturday, August 30, 2008

Persevering tomatoes

Besides compulsively trying out new exterior house paint samples, I actually have been doing other things, like thinking about which Fall veggies I want to plant and where to try them. Beets will go in the ground (yet unprotected by any dog barrier) next to the still-producing tomato plants. I can’t believe these Little Porter plants are still going.

Lettuces, broccoli, and carrots will go in the (dog-fenced) raised bed. That’s as far as my Fall planning has gone so far. It’s still too hot to be very enthusiastic.


Lancashire rose said...

Porter sounds like a winner for its ability to keep producing through the heat. I only have one tomato still in production and that is a volunteer cherry type. I think I'll put Porter on my list for next year.

Iris said...

They are technically "Little Porters" and are only a little bit bigger than cherry types, but yes! I'll welcome anything that continues producing so long. And welcome back!