Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picking purple paint: the three finalists, I think

It's warts and all in this first photo (taken a little over an hour ago), but I think it's easier to assess the three purples from this view. We still haven't made a final decision on our carpenter, whose work must be completed before painting can begin, but I'm still obsessed with trying to settle on the colors!

slightly overcast

slightly overcast

full sun with encroaching shade


Anonymous said...

IMHO, the bottom two colors are the best of the three. The middle color (the darkest one) makes your plumbago show up more, with a great look between them. The bottom mid-range color is brighter, which might look better in winter (you know, Winter...often falling on January 12)
Robin at Getting Grounded

Iris said...

Thanks, Robin. You just made me realize that the top color's getting a little shortchanged because of the awning (instead of trim color) on the left, as the other two have.

I may have to correct that tomorrow morning and post again...No, really, I'm not obsessed...

TexasDeb said...

Iris, will you be getting a new roof? If not, I'd suggest painting a section closer to your roof to see if the contrast between the house/roof color works the way you want it to.

I agree the plumbago really pops against the darker color in the midsection, but wonder if that will be too matchy-matchy against your roof?

Choosing colors can be nerve wracking but I am betting you'll be tickled with whatever you end up with.

Iris said...


I haven't wanted to drag the big ladder out to get closer to the roof, thinking if I stand across the street, I can get a good enough idea. And I agree that darker color is too matchy with the roof, so it's out of the running.

I added another color yesterday afternoon that I think REALLY might be the true winner. I haven't yet seen it in full sun, though. I'll take pics later today and post them! Thanks for the suggestions!