Friday, August 29, 2008

Now, if we can just settle on the purple painters!

Although these are now the absolute three finalists, we’re virtually positive that the bottom left purple paint is our final pick. I also changed the primary trim color to a slightly warmer ivory.

Here are some third accent color experiments:

The current metal awning frames, which will be replaced with new beige/canvas-colored cloth with simpler lines (no scallops) and no side draping, will be painted the third accent color. The doors or screen doors will contain that accent color, too.


TexasDeb said...

I like that brightest green (is it green? kinda tricky to tell on my screen) for a trim color. Nice pop, nice warmth to play against the also warm ivory and the cooler purple. For me being really brave and out there with the smaller trim pieces is the way to go.

Er...this was a popular vote, right? It will be great fun watching your house take on its new coloration when you get there.

Iris said...

Thanks TexasDeb!

Yes, we like those two brighter yellow-green accent-trim choices on the right side, too. We'll have to see them in more variations of lighting...

Neleh said...

I agree, love the brighter green. Can't tell the two on the right apart, however - they look the same to me.

One step closer!