Friday, August 22, 2008

This morning’s tomato carnage

During all those super-hot, rainless days, the squirrels never stole my tomatoes. Some stealthier ones now seem to have moved into my neighborhood.


Annie in Austin said...

The animals couldn't even wait until they were starting to blush? I'm so sorry, Iris - we have just a few grape tomatoes out there and the birds are putting holes in them but they've been doing that all along...rain doesn't seem to have changed their behavior.

How are the paint stripes holding up in the rain?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Iris said...

Hi Annie,

Isn't that weird they went only for green ones? They actually left three almost-pink ones alone! Strange. I'm still thrilled the plants are producing anything, plus I've got over a dozen finishing their ripening on the kitchen table.

Paint stripes seem to be doing okay. I added two more colors yesterday afternoon, one of which may be a serious contender to the current favorite. It's a paler but slightly warmer purple color paired w/slightly whiter trim.

Tomorrow, assuming it's a dry day, I'm going to paint a bigger area with the new contender to judge it better.

Karla said...

oh, those pesky squirrels! I'm sorry to see what they did to your tomatoes!

If it helps, last year I actually had a squirrel that waited until I picked the tomatoes, stole a huge one from my basket and then (the nerve of him/her) sat and ate it on my picnic table!

I enjoyed reading your site and looking at your photos!

Iris said...

Thanks, Karla!

I do feel a little better knowing my squirrels aren't quite as brazen as yours. I hope yours have been more polite this year...

Flapjacks said...

That's weak. I hate when that happens. The only thing worse is the solitary bird peck.

Iris said...

Ha! Yes, I guess the solitary bird peck would be worse--heh heh.

And NOW, I'm noticing some nymph leaf-footed stinkbugs on a trio of my few remaining green tomatoes.

I promptly dunked the offending bug-covered branch into a baggie of soapy water & drowned the little buggers. Ha!