Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few more observations from yesterday's Devoe hearing

I admit it: that whole pretrial hearing was, among other things, just plain depressing. And listening to the recordings of the phone calls from Paul Devoe (from jail) to Sharon Wilson and Tiffany Waldrup was somewhat bizarre.

In the Wilson call, Devoe sometimes seemed to try to answer Wilson's questions in a somber, serious tone, but then he would sound really upset that she thought he might have been stealing money from her purse. He was very insistent that he was only looking for cigarettes and seemed to really want her to believe that he would never steal money from her, just wanted cigarettes! The cigarette argument was just weird.

Also, he seemed genuinely surprised that law enforcement had seized his trailer AND his car. Why would he even be concerned about those things when he was on the lam?

Also, in the Waldrup call, he sounded depressed about his situation but then became very chatty, practically insisting that she write him. He laughed allot in that call. Once again, just weird.

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Kurt said...

Depressing is right. And all he wants is cigarettes. Reminds me of the play "True West" by Sam Shepard. Here's an excerpt. Lee listens to his younger brother recall about their father:

“Eight days it takes him. Eight days in the rain and the sun and every day he’s droppin’ teeth on the blacktop and nobody’ll pick him up ‘cause his mouth’s full a’ blood. So he finally stumbles into the dentist. Dentist takes all his money and all his teeth. And there he is, in Mexico, with his gums sewed up and his pockets empty.
“I go out there and I take him out for a nice Chinese dinner. But he doesn’t eat. All he wants to do is drink Martinis outa plastic cups. And he takes his teeth out and lays ‘em on the table ‘cause he can’t stand the feel of ‘em. And we ask the waitress for one a‘ those doggie bags to take the Chop Suey home in. So he drops his teeth in the doggie bag along with the Chop Suey. And then we go out to hit all the bars up and down the highway. Says he wants to introduce me to all his buddies. And in one a’ those bars, in one a’ those bars up and down the highway, he left that doggie bag with his teeth laying in the Chop Suey.”