Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No more backyard weed fabric: new bed

Although the weekend’s temps and humidity were more conducive to lounging on the couch sipping margaritas, I was so excited that husband Kurt got the backyard weeds whacked then pulled up the last plot of newspapers/weed fabric that I got to work.

More After:
Originally we’d planned to turn that area into another raised bed for summer veggies, but we decided it wasn’t quite sunny enough, so I planted a bunch of drought-tolerant sun/part-shade plants there for now. I mostly stuck with my tried-and-true Society Garlic, pink skullcap, leadwort plumbago, and Mexican feathergrass, but I tried one Jerusalem sage and one rock penstemon, too.

Sometime soon we plan to define the bed with some edging to help keep the grass out. The three tomatoes and two squash plants are looking okay but not producing anything…

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