Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pleasantly nosey neighbor

Armed with a big wad of paper towels, a plastic drawstring Gap bag, and latex gloves, I managed to get the fresh half-eaten squirrel carcass out of the back yard and into the Gap bag. Apparently my dog's current kidney infection is no deterrent to her prey drive.

Determined to finish this unpleasant task, I rushed out the front door and practically ran over my neighbor and her toddler granddaughter, who had been walking along my front yard garden stone path and happened to be right by my front door at that moment.

I was more startled than they and gasped then apologized and muttered something about needing to get rid of the squirrel carcass. (I was still wearing latex gloves.) My neighbor smiled and said hello then calmly continued pointing out different plants and flowers to her granddaughter. I guess they've walked around our front yard garden before.

The extra cool thing is that this particular neighbor has the reputation of being "the plant lady" and was the first one to notice our first meager gardening efforts several years ago. She is also the only neighbor to offer us some cuttings and basic advice--one of those rewarding full-circle things!

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