Sunday, May 18, 2008

Passively killing more grass

This time the grass killing is over by the carport in the easement. This strip appears smaller in the photo than it is: it's actually about 10 ft wide by 44 ft long.

Husband Kurt finished today what we had half-heartedly started together last August. He scalped this large strip with the electric weedeater then soaked it with the hose and stomped sections of newspaper (at least 10 pages thick) into it. Last, he covered it all with weed fabric and piled hardwood mulch on top of that.

What has been a bunch of bermuda grass with some nutgrass and crazy-ivy will soon be dead and replaced. The Turk's Cap peeking through the fence will stay and that big cottonwood stump continues to rot away. It will take a few months, so we've got time to think of what to put there--something low-maintenance and low-water. Maybe just a bunch of rosemary and lavender... We're open to suggestions.


Steven said...

Hope you didn't use any papers with my stories in 'em to kill those weeds. :)


Iris said...

But of course not, Steven! We carefully went through two three-foot tall stacks of the Statesman and NY Times and neatly clipped out every article you've written in the past six months. :)

Steven said...

And hung them up on your refrigerator?