Friday, May 2, 2008

Yogurt Shop Murders: Maurice Pierce is now in Travis County jail on an outstanding Plano warrant

Read the recently posted article from the Austin American Statesman here.
Or KXAN's story here.


Kurt said...

While the KXAN and Stateman reporting is one-sided, clearly reported from the cops' point of view, that is not a real "biggie." The Statesman need not get too concerned about all that "cops do wrong to joe again" business. Cops always do wrong to get their man by hook or crook. Of course, they "had to" use a Taser on him. He probably made a sudden movement like falling down in a threatening manner. Anyway. The real concern for all of us now should be MP's due process while in custody. I expect Austin detectives are super-hard-on tempted to take some liberties with MP's liberties. This is no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Kurt!

Anonymous said...

Actually kurt, Pierce was found hiding in a closet and fought like a devil with police, pulling out the taser probes which had no effect on him. It took several officers to take him into custody but he suffered no injuries. His relative lied to police stating pierce was not in the house and another occupant met police with a shotgun in his hand but he was not shot! Pierce later stated to officers that he would have done anything to get away.

Kurt said...

Ok, anonymous, I take your word for how things happened. Sounds like you were there, eh? Still, it's just no biggie how the arrest went down or how it got reported in the news. I expect stories we might hear from both sides would differ. As long as nobody really gets hurt, that is absolutely the best outcome for what it is. Can't expect any letters of apology or thank-you:
"...just wasn't myself that day."
"Sorry about your was for your own safety."
"Thanks so much for not shooting me!"
Water under the bridge IMO.
If MP had better judgment, whether in Plano or Boise, he would have stayed totally clean and off the radar for the rest of his life. Now he's down in it.

Sissy said...

The reason MP's relatives lied and said he wasn't in the house is because are/were SICK of police picking him up on all/ANY suspicious incidences.

When the Yogurt Shop incidences happened MP was in mid teens!!! The ONLY reason HE was suspected is/was because he OWNED a gun (which my brother-MP's Dad had posthumously bought him...a 'Texas' thing but later waaaay regreted. The ONLY reason the other two guys got life in prison and death row was because of 'confessions' Later PROVEN false confessions. 0000000, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, of evidence or DNA foung at the Yogurt Shop scene MATCHED NONE OF THE 'SUSPECTS'. MP, my nephew, developed mistrust, fear, resentment and much more for his history with police. I'm SURE critics would have done and/or feel differently...wouldn't you? He was in prison 4 years for what DID NOT do and cops kept coming after him. When he was shot last December, he'd been employed. He ran a stop sign and RAN.

His Aunt,

Helen R. Pierce