Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's Paul Devoe pretrial hearing: Part 1

I had not been following this case much but decided to attend today's pretrial hearing on the defense's motion to suppress statements mass murder suspect Paul Devoe allegedly made to various people, including Suffolk County, New York police and a former Travis County jail cell mate.

Prosecutors Gary Cobb and Dayna Blazey called six witnesses today and the hearing resumes tomorrow afternoon with several more witnesses.

The grandmother of 15-year-old victim Haylie Faulkner held a framed 8x10 color photo of her granddaughter as she sat listening to the testimony. The father of 17-year-old victim Danielle Hensley sat at the end of the front row, staring at Devoe's back, mostly, almost the whole hearing. Right before a 10-minute break, I saw Devoe briefly look back over his shoulder at the victims' family members. Devoe is much smaller in stature than I would have thought just seeing his mug shot.

Judge Brenda Kennedy is allowing one pool camera in the courtroom to record the proceedings--kudos to her!

Gotta fix dinner, then I'll post what went on today.

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